Some of my stitching
I was very happy to see a comment made by one Croatian gentleman who loves to stitch. On his blog I left him an advice he was looking for and than he visited my blog and remained a bit disappointed, thinking that mine is another exclusively knitting blog. Well, it is not - I also stitch and crochet. I have at least 10 pieces that need to be framed, but just to show him that I stitch also, here are my 2 little works. The stitch I used is called "gobelin" stitch or Dutch / Holland stitch. I do also cross-stitch but prefer Dutch stitch.
The pattern for "geese" was published in one of "Burda" magazines and the "see view" was in "Ricamare", Italian journal for stitching. Original pattern for "geese" called for Anchor threads but I've changed it to Unitas threads (Ljubica), with success I believe. The "See view" was made with DMC threads.

Both works were framed in Croatia, I thought that they would have done the better work than here (ok, I admit it, cheaper, too) considering the tradition for this type of craft in Croatia, but I thought wrong. After this experience I've decided to do my own framing. My husband promised to help and already bought everything he needs to cut the frames.
We'll see how it goes with this 4 little works (4 seasons):

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To be honest, I've been thinking about opening my own blog for some time, but I never had a diary, never felt the need to have one. People who know me say that basically I don't need one, since I have a memory of an elephant. I never felt the need to write something down for the future - I am so amazed when Oprah pulls out her diary every time she needs to refresh her memories or underline some important event in her life. So I was asking myself:"What's the point in blogging any way if I don't like to write a diary?"
On the other hand, there is large community of creative people on the web, exchanging ideas and making friends. I guess I can do that, I'm creative, I'm friendly , I live in Rome, Italy ... that will give me something to write about.
Later on I'll decide about Italian version of this blog, for time being I'll write in English. I use to speak English very well, but ever since I moved to Italy I realize that I'm losing it ... Let's hope that this blog will help me stay away from Maccheronic English. Feel free to correct mistakes I've made.
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